Shamrock Bead Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals

Shamrock Bead Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals

A mesmerizing addition to the Tara's Diary collection, this unique bead features shamrocks surrounded by dazzling emerald and white Swarovski® crystals.

Ireland Calling

It would be hard to find two truer emblems of Ireland in one place. The shamrock has been iconic for thousands of years, dating back to the spread of early Christianity when Saint Patrick used the three-leaf clover to demonstrate the Holy Trinity to the good people of Ireland. And certainly no color is as closely associated with a country as emerald green is to Ireland. The color speaks to the lush landscape giving the Emerald Isle its nickname. 

A Charming Addition

The Shamrock Bead with Swarovski crystals is just the bead needed to complete a charm bracelet that has been thoughtfully crafted over the years, or to jumpstart a new bracelet that speak volumes about the wearer. This meaningful bead can serve as a cherished souvenir to remember an exciting trip, or as acknowledgment of one's Irish heritage. Regardless of the association and personal meaning it holds, it is sure to delight the lucky recipient.