Mens Shawl Collar Single Button Sweater

Mens Shawl Collar Single Button Sweater

  • 100% Merino Wool
    Merino wool is a versatile, premium quality grade of wool that traps dead air to insulate the skin from the cold, wicks away moisture for comfort, and pampers the skin with rich softness.

  • Aran Stitching
    Adding striking dimension and texture to this sweater is beautiful Aran stitching which has a history that goes back centuries to the Aran Islands off the western Irish coast. These stitches have special meaning, with the diamond representing wealth and the cable symbolizing hopes for success.

  • Shawl Collar
    A sophisticated shawl collar brings a softness to this sweater that complements its bold, rugged edge. This collar features a natural v-neck shape with a flap detail that will not go unnoticed.

  • Single Button Detail
    Completing the chic look of the elegant shawl collar of this sweater is a single brown football button that contrasts wonderfully in both texture and color with the Merino wool.

  • Choose Your Color
    With this sweater, you have a range of four colors to choose from: Army Green, Natural, Charcoal, and Navy. Wear the Army Green or Navy for rich splashes of color in your outfit, or go with Natural or Charcoal for more neutral-toned style.