Celtic Trinity Knot Bead Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals

Celtic Trinity Knot Bead Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals

With a clever design and eye-popping color, this sterling silver Celtic Trinity Knot bead features a row of traditional Celtic Trinity Knots set between gorgeous green Swarovski® crystals.

Balance and Harmony

In the busy world we live in, it is vital to take time to quiet the spirit and re-energize the soul. In ancient Celtic belief the Trinity Knot, with its three interwoven cords, was an important tool representing the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Keeping all three in perfect balance and harmony was essential to living a long and enjoyable life. Emeralds have a special ability to bring balance and promote harmony in life, while bringing healing and energy to the soul. The Trinity Knot and emerald crystals combined create a powerful force that will help guide you as you tackle life's challenges while maintaining inner peace.

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