Celtic Silver Cross Bead

Celtic Silver Cross Bead

Combining two beloved symbols of Ireland, this delicately etched bead from the Tara's Diary collection is essential for any fan of the Irish Spiritual Tradition. Crafted from sterling silver, each of the arms of the Celtic Cross are adorned with a tri-cornered Celtic Knot. An engraved circle halos the cross and completes the familiar design.

A Merging of Two Symbols

It is said that when St. Patrick traveled to Ireland, the Irish worshiped the sun. St. Patrick superimposed the Christian Cross onto the outline of the sun and thus the beautiful and distinctive Celtic Cross was born. The Triquetra- or the tri cornered Celtic Cross- is said to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. By combining these two powerful symbols, a work of both physical and spiritual beauty is created.

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